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Just like anywhere in the world, the Hungarian music business professionals are suffering because of this pandemic situation which we do not need to introduce. We were forced to shut down all operations, events, venues during the first and the second waves. The industry had a couple months during the summer of 2020 with limited capacity open air gigs only (500ppl max), but of course, these were not comparable with a usual summer filled with festivals.
Everyone try to do her/his best, try to find temp jobs until we get the green light - but we're about to lose a lot of good people, good friends because of the crisis. And I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to help.
So with the help of some industry friends I came up a
webshop, where whatever one buys, the profit goes to a foundation called Fábián Juli Emlékalapítvány, which supports unemployed professionals in need.

We collected more than 4500 EUR with this merchandise-driven campaign.

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