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Zsolt Szabó a.k.a. Tschöppy

Stage Manager

Tour Manager

Production Manager

Site Manager

Born in Hungary in the last century.

Living on the stage since 2010. 

Stage Manager at Electric Castle's Hangar stage in Romania.

Production Manager and booker of the upcoming Hungarian pop-rock band Carson Coma.

Stage Manager at festivals like Sziget, SZIN, VOLT festival, Balaton Sound, EFOTT, Campus and for many more Hungarian festivals. 

Stage Manager at WOMEX2015, Budapest Ritmo and various one-day events at Budapest SportArena, Budapest Park and Puskás Arena.

Stage Manager for various television programmes like Petőfi Zenei Díj on DunaWorld.

Tour Manager for the illusionist Balázs V. Kiss.

Former Site manager at Puskás Aréna, and Balaton Sound and Sziget festivals.

Former Tour Manager of Aurevoir., an upcoming Hungarian etno-beat band between 2018 and 2021.

Former Tour and Stage Manager of Hungary's TOP3 band Halott Pénz from 2015 to 2020.

Local Production Manager for Leslie Mandoki show in 2017 at Budapest's biggest open-air venue Budapest Park.

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